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Sun, Feb 10, 2019
Duration: 25 mins 16 secs
This morning we are going to start a brand new Series that will only take 4 weeks to accomplish. This simple little prayer that Jabez’s prayed, was short but powerful. It may very well have been based on promises he’d heard about in his youth - the blessing given Abraham. And to let you all in on a secret these promise are still available to us. Now if you have the opportunity to Look into the Scriptures about the subject of Prayer, you will find some very interesting prayers. There are prayers of all kinds, some for protection, others for provision, and many for direction. There are prayers of giving Praise, others that asks questions, many from one person to God and other prayers from the whole church. This prayer that we are about to study, has been called selfish, others has connected it to the prosperity Gospel. It can be prayed from a single persons point of view but what we are going to is ask it in a cooperate sense.